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Lassen Park Foundation Seeking New Board Members

Posted December 13, 2018

Lassen Park Foundation (LPF) is looking for individuals to serve on the Board of Directors.

The LPF Board oversees all activities of the Foundation including our Youth Camping Program, assistance with fundraising, oversight of capital projects at the park (like the Volcano Adventure Camp).

They work with Lassen Volcanic National Park to develop new educational opportunities, build partnerships with local universities that result in expanded opportunities within the park for learning and research, and help fill the funding gap for trail maintenance, scientific research and staff training.

The LPF Board meets three times annually at various locations in Northern California and, depending on which committees a board member volunteers to serve, via occasional conference calls. They also play important roles in overseeing the Foundation’s major annual fundraising events such as the Peak Experience Auction.

Board Members also commit annually to either contribute or solicit $2,000 in donations (cash or in-kind) to LPF, although many board members go beyond that figure. We recognize that not all Board Members have the means to contribute $2,000 annually and they make up for it in other ways. Those can include: soliciting donations from other businesses, seeking event sponsors, unearthing grant opportunities, creating business partnerships, or contributing in-kind skills or merchandise that would otherwise need to be purchased.

If you believe you can satisfy that commitment, joining the Board is easy. Begin by contacting the Lassen Park Foundation office at (530) 378-2600. Our friendly staff will answer your questions and provide you with a two-page Board Candidate Inquiry required of all prospective Board Members.

Candidates are interviewed by the Nominations Committee where they are encouraged to share their thoughts about Board participation and ask questions in order to better understand the roll of an LPF Board Member. Once a candidate has completed these steps, consideration by the full board occurs and accepted candidates are elected to a three-year term.

If you are interested in serving as an LPF Board Director and being more closely involved in helping Lassen Volcanic National Park or know someone who is, please call our office at (530) 378-2600 or e-mail LPF Executive Director, Jennifer Finnegan at to request request more information and download our Board Candidate Inquiry.

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