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Become a Volcano Adventure Camp Sponsor

Posted September 10, 2015

Become a sponsor of the Volcano Adventure Camp for Youth in Lassen Volcanic Nataional Park! Your financial support will help the Lassen Park Foundation build a new camping area that will be used by schools and youth groups in 2016. The new campground will provide outdoor spaces for natuarlists and park rangers to provide learning opportunities for group campers, tent areas for camping, shelters for meals, showers and bathrooms. Through annual camping grants made by the Lassen Park Foundation, disadvantaged and at-risk children will receive an outdoors experience at the new Volcano Adventure Camp.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to help the Lassen Park Foundation build Volcano Adventure Camp and inspire our next generation with an interest in the outdoors. Learn more about Volcano Adventure Camp and how you can help by watching this video.

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