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Seeking Investors

Posted December 8, 2009

The Lassen Park Foundation is looking for new investors, supporters who are passionate about providing a stewardship role for our national parks, especially Lassen Volcanic National Park. This fall we are beginning a process of strategic planning in order to identify how we can accomplish more. Our track record is good, with $1.3 million raised for projects in the Lassen area, but we are ambitious. Sometimes, people don’t think that a small contribution can make a difference, but really it can, especially when it’s a regular commitment. One donor to the Lassen Park Foundation has been contributing $25 per month for 16 years. That amounts to $4800, which has certainly made a difference to the Foundation. Imagine if 100 people had been doing the same. That would be $480,000. We invite you to adopt us as your favorite charity this year. Don’t forget that there are many ways to give and gifts of stocks, bonds, and real estate are sometimes advantageous to both sides, the charity and the donor.

For more information about how you can really make an investment in our organization please call our Executive Director, Jane Ziad at 530-898-9309 or email: jane @ lassenparkfoundation . org

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