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Lassen Park Foundation Reaches Funding Goal for Volcano Adventure Camp

Posted March 7, 2016

Anderson, Calif. – The Lassen Park Foundation (LPF) has reached its goal of raising $400,000 to complete Volcano Adventure Camp at Lassen Volcanic National Park. $100,000 was also allocated for the project by the National Park Service.

The camp, which is designed to accommodate youth and school groups, will open in summer, during the 100th anniversaries of Lassen Volcanic National Park and the National Park Service.

Lassen Volcanic NP Superintendent Steve Gibbons said, “None of the park’s existing campgrounds were built to accommodate school or youth groups. They were designed, years ago, for friends and families. However, school and youth groups need outdoor space to gather and learn about the park, tent and cabin areas that fit kids and their leaders, cooking shelters and group restrooms and showers. Volcano Adventure Camp will have all that.”

John Koeberer, LPF’s chairman said, “Volcano Adventure Camp will be particularly appreciated by the many groups of at risk kids that the Foundation sponsors on camping trips to the Park. Providing a first-rate campground designed just for kids says to them, ‘You’re visiting a place that is special and loved, just like you.’”

“Reaching our funding goal was made possible through the generosity of a $75,000 gift from The McConnell Foundation in Redding,” said Koeberer. “That put us over the top and assured that the youth campground will be finished before summer and is the best possible way to commemorate the Park’s and National Park Service’s 100th anniversaries, as it is a gift to future generations of park visitors.”

The McConnell Foundation’s Vice President of Operations, Shannon Phillips said, “We were delighted to be able to help LPF and the national park complete initial fundraising for Volcano Adventure Camp in time for these important anniversaries.

“LPF has worked so hard to make this signature outdoor education opportunity for youth in Lassen National Park a reality. We feel honored to be a partner in creating a magical camping experience for kids from all over the North State and beyond," she continued.

Now that funding for completion of Volcano Adventure Camp has been achieved, LPF Executive Director Jennifer Finnegan is announcing plans to fund an endowment to assure that youth camping grants continue to be available and expanded for groups of at risk children.

She said, “Contributions made to the endowment will assure that kids who otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to experience a national park or go camping, get the chance to do so. It’s a gift that changes these kids’ lives for the better. People interested in contributing to this effort can find more about it and Volcano Adventure Camp at”

Finnegan said the LPF will open opportunities to apply for youth camping grants at the new Volcano Adventure Camp,in springtime. As in past years, the grants including funding of about $1,000 to cover transportation, food and supplies for weeklong youth camping trips at Lassen Volcanic National Park.

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