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Lassen Resilience

Lassen Resilience is a dedicated fund established to support Lassen Volcanic National Park in its recovery from the Dixie Fire.

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The Lassen Park Foundation has partnered with the Lassen Association in this fundraising campaign to support Lassen Volcanic National Park. 

Money raised through Lassen Resilience is designated for Dixie Fire recovery, research and education efforts.

Fire recovery doesn’t happen overnight, and your donation today will be hard at work for years to come.


Nature is resilient. Tiny beginnings of recovery from the fire may already be taking place in the forests. But the park will need human help to recover as fully as possible. The Dixie Fire burned in the park for two months and affected 69% of its area. There will also be research and educational opportunities to explore, so that lessons learned from the fire can be applied in the years to come. Bottom line: funding the park's recovery starts now. With your donation today through Lassen Resilience you can help keep the wonder of Lassen Volcanic National Park alive for generations to come.

100% of donations support the Lassen Resilience campaign

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Research and Educational Opportunities

Trail and Infrastructure Recovery

Long Term Restoration Efforts

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