Lassen Park Foundation is accepting donations to assist the park with the Dixie Fire. If you'd like to contribute, please click the "DONATE NOW" button and in the "Donation Comment and/or Restriction" box note "Dixie Fire Assistance".

Due to the Dixie Fire, Peak Experience Auction has been postponed and moved to a virtual event. 

New date is November 13, 2021 for the livestream. Click Here to register for free. 


Want to Become a Board Member

What does becoming a Board Member mean?

Board members are the face of Lassen Park Foundation, official partners to Lassen Volcanic National Park.  We work with our park partners to introduce youth to a national park experience, and find funding for capital projects not available through traditional Federal funding. When you serve on the Board of Directors, you are taking your stewardship of Lassen Volcanic National Park to the next level and ensuring it remains a place of beauty for generations to come.


Who does the Board of Directors help?

Our Board helps hundreds of underserved youth access Lassen Volcanic National Park each summer.  We also provide fundig to enhance visitor experiences in the park, and to enhance capital projects that will postively benefit parkgoers for years to come. Your service on the Board will primarily help raise funds and facilitate the programs that cater to youth camping and education in the park.  


How much time will my Board Service take?

How much time you spend with us depends on how heavily you want to be involved.  Each Board Member serves on one or more Committees with most meeting monthly and some only quarterly. Board meetings are held three (3) times a year on a Friday  at 10am in February, June, and October.  When we meet in person it's usually in the Vacaville area or at Highlands Ranch Resort near the south end of the park.  During the COVID Pandemic we have been meeting virtually via Zoom.  All committee meetings (during and after the pandemic) will be held virtually via Zoom. Board members are also required to participate in some capacity with our two major fundraisers: Peak Experience Auction (3rd Saturday in September) and Discover Lassen (2-day event in the summer). Participation can mean planning, attending, sponsoring, etc.    


What is the benefit to me for becoming a Board Member?

Our Board Members are spread out over four states (California, Nevada, Arizona, and Arkansas), and many of them are not located near Lassen. However, all of them have a personal and emotional tie to the park.  For some, service on the Board is a way for them to constantly stay connected to the park they love so dearly and see so seldome. For others, they're at the park so frequently that they want to be in the thick of the park's future planning.  Many have a special connection to youth camping, our outdoor education for youth. For those, our Youth Camping Program at the VOlcano Adventure Camp is dear to them.  Each Board Member has different reasons, but they all have in common a passion for Lassen.


How do I become a Board Member?

Board Candidates must submit a Board Candidate Inquiry via email to our office at  The Nomination Committee will consider each Inquiry and conduct interviews with Candidates as needed. Board Candidates are considered at any of the three annual Board Meetings held in February, June, or October.  Candidates are encouraged to participate on Committees prior to formally joinng the Board and in between Board Meetings.  Candidates must attend one Board Meeting before joining (although that meeting may be the one at which they are considered for acceptance). Should you have questions on this process, please call our office (530) 768-1110.