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Availability Calendar

2021 Calendar

The 2021 Camping Availability noted below is current as of 5/24/2021.  The Volcano Adventure Camp (VAC) will operate June 12 - September 19 (6/12/21-9/19/21).

The camp is divided into two halfs, each with five (5) tent-cabins and 20 available beds.  Please note that the camp is at 50% capacity this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  If your group has 7 - 20 people, you'll need to reserve 1/2 of the VAC to accomodate your group. If your group is 21 - 40 people, you'll need to reserve the entire VAC to accomodate your group. Maximum group size for 2021 VAC Reservations is 40 people; minimum group size is 7 people. Groups must also be comprised by 51% or more of people under the age of 18 to qualify as a "Youth Group".

If the calendar indicates two bars noted "1/2 VAC Available (20 beds)", then both halfs of the VAC or the entire VAC (40 beds) is available for those dates. If the calendar only indicates one such bar, then only 1/2 the VAC (20 beds) is available. Please review our Reservation Instructions for additional informaiton.