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"Youth who attended this trip were given the opportunity to see a whole new world that some of them have never experienced before. Some had never been on an overnight camping trip and were absolutely amazed by the beauty and power of the nature around them. They realized that there is so much more to experience in life when you have beautiful places to explore." - Boys & Girls Club of the North Valley Oroville


"Without the distraction of cell phones and regular day activities they kids were forced to step out of their comfort zone and work together. By the end of the trip they were not only a team, but also have been able to gain friendships that now last over towns."- Boys & Girls Club of the North Valley


"The Dark Sky Festival provided and extra “cool” factor for the girls and was a great opportunity for our more STEM focused girls. They experienced how STEM isn’t just in  a lab but is out in nature, and how our national parks and public lands play a huge role in education." – Girls Inc, of Northern Sacramento Valley, Sacramento, CA


"Everyone understood that national parks belong to each of us. They understood the kinds of things protected in parks, and their role as stewards. After surviving the Carr Fire last year, these children were interested in observing the results of wildland fire and renewal in Lassen." - Eagles Soar Youth Activities Center


"The activities available during the camping trip give the girls a new experience that they take with them throughout their life. It ensures that regardless of a girl’s background, she gets exposure to outdoor experiences." - Girls Inc. of the Northern Sacramento Valley


"I challenged the girls to sleep under the stars and by the second night they all did. The first night some of the girls had been too nervous and preferred to stay in a tent. That second night the girls felt a great sense of wonder looking from their sleeping bags up at the Milky Way. We had just attended an evening Ranger program about planets/stars, so the girls were really engaged." - Group leader from Girl Scouts Troop 70026, Redding