Lassen Park Foundation is accepting donations to assist the park with the Dixie Fire. If you'd like to contribute, please click the DONATE NOW button and in the "Donation Comment and/or Restriction" box note "Dixie Fire Assistance".

To find out more about the Lassen Resilience Campaign, Click Here


In Honor & Memory Donations

Our Lassen Legacy Circle includes the following members whose 'Passion for Lassen' extends for generations to come:

Perry Harris

Susie Watson


Lassen Park Foundation has thoughtfully been gifted donations In Honor* of:

Zachary Brunner
Steve, Maura and Kieran Buckley
N.C. Betts Family
Steve & Clare Gaston
Happy Birthday Peter
Xixi & Jonathan Shakes
Happy Birthday Shane
Michael D. West

Lassen Park Foundation has graciously received donations In Memory* of the following individuals' devotion to Lassen:

Merle Bashor
Ashli Bennett 
Jeremy Brandon & Scott Brittain
Harry Daniell
TJ Day
Theodore Lee Friedline II
James Galbreath
George Giannini
Perry Harris
Edward G. Heinzel
Robert Mendelson
George Perkins
Saul Eli "Chick" Shapiro

John Sharrah
Susie Watson
Phyllis Wilsey


*Names listed here represent donations received over the last two years.