Join us in celebration of our pets while we raise funds for our favorite national park: Lassen Volcanic! 
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In Honor & Memory Donations

Our Lassen Legacy Circle includes the following members whose 'Passion for Lassen' extends for generations to come:

Perry Harris

Susie Watson


Lassen Park Foundation has thoughtfully been gifted donations In Honor* of:

Zachary Brunner
Steve, Maura and Kieran Buckley
N.C. Betts Family
Steve & Clare Gaston
Happy Birthday Peter
Happy Birthday Shane
John Sharrah
Michael D. West

Lassen Park Foundation has graciously received donations In Memory* of the following individuals' devotion to Lassen:

Merle Bashor
Ashli Bennett 
Edwin Joseph Block
Jeremy Brandon & Scott Brittain
Harry Daniell
TJ Day
Theodore Lee Friedline II
James Galbreath
George Giannini
Perry Harris
Edward G. Heinzel
Howard & Sally Latimer
Robert Mendelson
George Perkins
Andre Previn
Steffen Rasmussen
Donald & Dorothea Schultz
Saul Eli "Chick" Shapiro
Susie Watson
Phyllis Wilsey


*Names listed here represent donations received over the last two years.